The Illinois State Board of Education recently released the annual summative designations for all schools in the state and Tremont schools fared quite well this year. The designations are based on a scoring system that involves a variety of indicators, including student proficiency and growth on state testing. The scoring system goes beyond test scores, however, and includes indicators such as graduation rate (for high schools), attendance factors, and other measures. More indicators will be added to the formula in future years as ISBE attempts to create a scoring system that incorporates a wider variety of performance measures.

There are four levels of designations: Exemplary (highest), Commendable, Targeted Support, and Comprehensive Support (lowest). Schools that earn an Exemplary designation are 1) scoring in the top 10% of schools in the state based on the various indicators that are included in the scoring formula; 2) demonstrating adequate performance of various sub-groups of students, and 3) graduating students at a rate above the minimum threshold set by the state (high schools only). Schools that earn a Commendable designation are scoring well on the various indicators and have no underperforming subgroups, but are outside the top 10% in the state overall. Schools receiving the Targeted Support designation have underperforming student sub-groups that require targeted intervention and schools receiving the Comprehensive Support designation are performing in the bottom 5% of schools in the
state overall. Schools receiving designations in the lowest two levels must engage in a more rigorous school improvement process.

This system began in 2018, although no designations were assigned last year so schools would not be scored based on the 2020-21 pandemic school year. Prior to this year, all three schools in the district had received the commendable designation each year. This year, Tremont Grade School and Tremont Middle School again received Commendable designations while Tremont High School received an Exemplary designation.

We are very proud of our students and staff for their efforts, especially considering the uniqueness of the last couple of school years. Those efforts, along with strong family and community support, are what make Tremont School District a very special place.