Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA)

Tremont CUSD 702 utilizes a variety of educational technology companies for instruction, assessment, and student management. Some of these companies (NWEA MAP testing, IXL, etc) sometimes are provided with identifiable information and are required to have protections in place to ensure that data is not shared with others. The Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) addresses these protections and helps ensure data is protected. As part of SOPPA, these companies must enter into Data Privacy Agreements (DPA) with the districts they work with. These agreements outline what data is stored, how it is protected, what the company can and cannot do with that information, and what their response will be if there is a data breach. Tremont CUSD 702 has joined the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) to help facilitate agreements with these companies. The district will continue to update its list of agreements as they become available. Some programs used in the past will not be utilized if an agreement cannot be obtained. These agreements can be accessed at the link below.

Tremont CUSD 702 DPAs

For more information about the Student Data Privacy Consortium, click the link below.

Student Data Privacy Consortium