The Board is a policy-making body of the school district. Its seven members are elected at-large from the community in an April election every other year. Members serve without pay for staggered four-year terms.

When the newly elected board is seated, new officers are elected to the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary. The election of these positions may be for one or two years. The Tremont Board of Education has typically elected officers for a two-year term.

The Board does the following:

  • Sets and reviews district policies

  • Evaluates the effectiveness and progress of programs and policies

  • Reviews and approves an annual budget

  • Appoints a superintendent to manage the budget, supervise staff and students, and make recommendations to the Board on the operation of the district.


The following is a typical Board meeting agenda:

  • Opening of Meeting—Roll Call

  • Public Comment

  • Consent Agenda

  • District Reports

  • Old Business—Information Items & Action Items

  • New Business—Information Items & Action Items

  • Adjourn


The agenda may also include pending litigation, land acquisition, student discipline or business that may be discussed in a “Closed Session.” The session includes Board and Administration members and is done behind closed doors. However, state law requires that all votes be made in open session. The Board president returns the meeting to open session for the decision to be made before adjourning.


It is the desire of the Tremont Board of Education to make ample time available for persons wishing to address the board. Comments and suggestions are always welcome; however, the board requests that comments be made only during the time allotted on the agenda.

The board requests that persons addressing the board state their names at the beginning of their comments. Any comments regarding complaints against a staff member or other employee(s) are not to be made during open session. Likewise, any student issues where an individual student or students may be identified are not discussed during open session. If your comments pertain to either of these areas, please inform the board president when you are recognized by the board. The President will then decide whether to ask for a closed session in order to provide a forum to address such topics.

Following the allotted time for public comment, the board may or may not choose to respond. The board does not wish to enter into debate with the gallery. The board meeting is open to the public for the purpose of allowing the public to listen to discussion concerning the operation of the district. It is not a meeting for the purpose of debating issues with the public.

If any member of the public wishes to have an issue addressed at a regular meeting, they may request for the item to be placed on the agenda. The agenda is planned well in advance of the meeting; therefore, requests must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent at least five working days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.

The Superintendent serves as the executive officer of the board; therefore, it is suggested that issues of concern might better be discussed with him first. With discussion being held on a more informal basis and allotted more time, both sides of the issue may be better understood.

The board would like to ask for your cooperation in this matter and would like to assure you that they are interested in public input and appreciate your interest in Tremont Schools.