Office of Special Services

The Special Services department of Tremont District 702 takes great pride in providing support to approximately 150 students, ages 3-22. Each school is equipped with numerous special education teachers. Our school district also provides speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social worker services, school psychology services, as well as other services. Tremont District 702 strives to make each student’s educational experience positive, engaging and supportive.

Office of Special Services

400 W Pearl St
Tremont, Illinois 61568
Phone: 309-925-3823
Fax: 309-925-5817

Brianne Stump, Special Services Secretary


Michelle McKuneSpecial Services Administrator



  • Through advocacy, collaboration, and communication among all stakeholders, students will achieve their highest potential

  • Meet individual student needs based on assessments for learning and provide research-based instruction and interventions

  • Identify the specific needs of each student in order to determine teaching and learning priorities and the effectiveness of instructional methods

  • Recognize the role of inclusion in helping all students develop, and place students in general education classrooms as appropriate for each individual student

Legal Updates

  •    Within 3 days of your child’s IEP meeting, your student’s case manager will be sharing their IEP paperwork in advance of the meeting for your review. We will not include paperwork that determines eligibility or educational placement as those are decisions we will make together as an IEP team

  •     Your case manager will plan to email you the IEP documents; however, if you prefer they be mailed, or to pick them up at the school, please let them know in advance

  •     You have the right to review your child's records prior to any IEP meeting

  •     You have the right to request service logs for related services that your child receives. These include dates and times for service in: speech and language services, occupational therapy services, physical therapy services, school social work services, school counseling services, school psychology services, and school nursing services.

  •    You will be notified if an IEP service is not implemented within ten school days after the service was to be initiated as set forth in the IEP

  • Any parent who is deaf or does not typically communicate using spoken English and who
    participates in a Section 504 or IEP meeting with a school district representative is entitled to the services of an interpreter.

Resources for Parents