Tremont CUSD 702 Reopening Plan (Update July 31)

Tremont District 702 Families:

Over the last two weeks since we unveiled our initial reopening framework, we have been working to develop a more comprehensive and detailed plan to address the safest and most effective way to open our schools within the guidelines and requirements we have been presented.  We have solicited feedback and learned from other districts to build a bigger and better reopening plan. 

Today, we are ready to share the full reopening plan as it currently stands.  We have tried to address some of the concerns expressed regarding the initial framework and we believe our updated plan is the best plan we can move forward with at this time.

As always, information in the plan is subject to change based on new guidance or information that we receive.  The school board will consider this plan for approval at a special meeting on Thursday August 6th at 7:00 pm in the MS/HS cafetorium. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, our number one priority has been and remains to be health and safety of our students and staff.  This plan is based on guidance from a variety of sources, including the Illinois State Board of Education, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Tazewell County Health Department, family and staff input from multiple surveys, district reopening task force discussion, and administrative conversations within our district and outside of our district.  We believe it reflects our desire to maintain a healthy and safe environment within our schools while also delivering quality instruction. 

Changes from the original plan include:

  • An expanded remote learning option, which varies by building
  • More detailed procedures for dealing with potential COVID-19 cases (developed through coordination with the local health department)
  • More details regarding temperature and symptom screenings
  • A lengthy FAQ section based on responses to our most recent family survey
  • Other details regarding various subjects that have been developed over time

What comes next?

  • The school board will consider the plan for formal approval next week
  • Building principals will share more building-specific information next week
  • On Monday August 3rd, (after families have had some time to process the reopening plan), we will share a COVID-19 Registration Form with families to determine who is choosing in-person instruction, our remote learning option, or homeschooling.  This form will also include questions about bus transportation so we can begin to plan our bus routes.  We will be asking families to have this form submitted by August 7th.
  • Administration and teaching staff will continue to prepare for the upcoming school year 

Calendar Changes

One other note…some changes have been made to the 2020-21 school year.  The first day of student attendance has been moved back one day.  Wednesday August 19th will now be a Remote Learning Planning Day with no student attendance.  This allows us to provide staff some extra time to prepare for the start of school, specifically for remote learning preparation and training.  Thursday August 20th will now be the first day of student attendance.

Also, November 3rd is now a state holiday for Election Day, so schools are closed.  We have added a day to the end of the calendar in May as a result of this change.  A new district calendar will be posted to reflect these changes.

We understand that each family has to make a decision regarding schooling for the upcoming year.  We have tried to provide options that we believe can be effective, but understand that some parents will choose neither option and instead opt for home-school.  Please know that those home-school students will be welcome back when the time is right once we are able to move on and return to normal.  It is our sincere hope that they will return in the future.  We value our relationships will all of our students and families and realize that we are experiencing a unique situation.  I remain optimistic that this challenge we are facing is temporary and I hope that we can maintain a positive partnership with our families and our community as a whole as we navigate through this time period. 

To access the Tremont CUSD #702 Reopening Plan, please use this link: 

Tremont CUSD 702 Return to School Plan (Updated 7/31) 

Thank you,

Sean Berry


Tremont CUSD 702