Emerson Howell Turk Traits Award

The Turk Trait Award was created two years ago to recognize and honor students that exhibit the following five qualities:  Respect, Responsibility, Self-Advocacy, Perseverance, and Collaboration.  Today, Tremont Middle School would like to announce that the Turk Trait Award will now be named the "Emerson Howell Turk Trait Award".  It is obvious that--as she earned this award this past school year-- Emerson embodies everything that this award represents.  She treated others with kindness, challenged herself, faced challenges with courage, and encouraged others to fulfill their potential.  Most important, she made her peers and her teachers' days brighter.  We think that Emerson would be happy to know that any student can earn these awards, it isn't limited to one person a year.  We think that she will be rooting for all of her peers this year!  So, beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, Tremont Middle School will be awarding the "Emerson Howell Turk Trait Award".