Dear Tremont High School Students and Families:

Welcome to our website. I hope you are able to find the website useful and convenient. There is also an app available to make convenient access more readily available on mobile devices.

Tremont High School is committed to preparing students for college and/or career. To accomplish this, we are continually evaluating and adjusting our curriculum and our practices to stay on the cutting edge in the education world. We want school to be a positive and rewarding experience for students so that they are better prepared to be successful in life. Our staff is dedicated to helping students meet their potential as they prepare for life beyond high school.

I am excited to be joining the Tremont high school team and proud to be able to represent a community like Tremont. I have spent 13 years in education with a strong focus on curriculum and instruction. I believe my past experiences and knowledge will be useful in working with teachers, students and families here in the Tremont district to help develop the whole student during their time at Tremont High School.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns that you might have. I can assure you that your input is valued.

Jill Uhlman