Standards Based Grading

Tremont Grade School is proud to announce the transition from a traditional report card to a standards based report card. This transition will take place over the next three to five years. The transition to a standards based report card stems from our belief that a traditional report card did not fully communicate to students and parents what the student knew and was able to do. This transition to a standards based report card will benefit students, parents, as well as teachers.

The standards based report card will allow students to be more aware of what is expected. The report card will provide parents with a detailed outline of the expectations in each academic area. We believe that a parent’s understanding of what is expected of his or her student and how well the student is progressing towards those expectations is very important in the student’s academic studies. We look forward to working together to provide your student with the knowledge and tools to be successful and to reach his or her fullest potential.

As stated earlier, the full transition to a standards based report card will take between three and five years. This will allow the teachers to identify specific standards and desired expectations for each academic area. The teachers at Tremont Grade School are beginning the transition to the standards based report card with Math. On the other side of this letter is one identified standard and the detailed performance expectations by quarter. The idea behind the rubric is to take the end of year goal and make benchmarks or targets for each quarter. This allows teachers to monitor student progress towards achieving the goal. The standard on the back is just one standard your student is expected to demonstrate proficiency in by the end of the quarter. A student is considered proficient when he or she achieves a level 3. If your student has not reached proficiency, please do not panic. I encourage you to contact your student’s teacher and see how you can support your student’s learning.

Please click the links to the left to view learning target rubrics for each grade level.