Students must earn a minimum of twenty-seven (27) credits in order to graduate from Tremont High School. From 1997, the credits for graduation will remain at twenty-seven. Four credits must be earned in English, three credits in Mathematics, three credits in Science, one credit in World History & Contemporary Global Issues, one credit in U.S. History, one-half credit in American Government & Civics, one-half credit in Resource Management, one-half credit in Health, one-quarter credit in Driver's Education, one credit in Careers& Technology, one credit of music, vocational education or foreign language, one-quarter credit for Community Service, and the passing of Physical Education.

The Community Service requirement will generate one-quarter credit toward graduation and will require each student to work in an approved program of 40 hours sometime during his/her four-year high school career. Such things as church choir, volunteer hospital work, cadet teaching at the grade school, helping shut-ins, working for the city and working with the Tremont Betterment Association are all examples of fulfilling this requirement.

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