The Sound of Music

The classrooms are alive with the sound of music here at Tremont Grade School! Since August, we have been enjoying giving small “private concerts” for the entire neighborhood around the grade school as we often hold music class outdoors. We are especially enjoying the musical equipment pieces in our brand new playground. Those pieces sound very good with our boomwhackers, xylophones, and bells (just to name a few of our favorite instruments.)

During the months of September and October, our fourth graders had been learning about marching band in music class. We learned how to march to the beat while playing steady drumline inspired rhythms on our hand drums. Mrs. Roller even let us borrow some pandemic safe paint pumps and we were able to use to design our own color guard flags and banners. We were ready for a whole parade, and you know what? That’s what exactly what we did. Every fourth grade class did a lap around the grade school on South, James, Walnut, and Harris streets in parade formation. One of our classes even got to be on the Peoria 25 News! Some of us were later chosen to march with Mr. Hillrich’s very impressive high school marching band for the homecoming parade. I believe that in about four or five years, Mr. Hillrich will find he has the best parade marching band he’s ever had!

As the holidays approach, all grades are preparing songs and small ensembles that will be featured in the first ever grade school movie musical production, “The North Pole Grade School.” We are currently rehearsing our music and at the time of this update, we are just about ready to start video recording our performances that will be shared with the community via an online “watch party” as a finished product in mid-December. Be on the lookout for that. The kids are certain this movie musical is so good, it could, in their words, “even be on Netflix!” That is just indicative of the kind of enthusiasm and passion we have in our music program here at Tremont Grade School.