Tremont High School Scholastic Bowl It's like cut-throat Jeopardy with unimaginable stakes. It's a competition of minds where teams are pitted against each other in a battle of pure awe. It is a perfect moment braced in time, like falling in love - or perhaps like destroying an opponent by sheer force of intellectual will. It is a way of life. In Scholastic Bowl, there can be only one. Or sometimes two, in the case of a tie. Bowl Fever: Catch it!

2018 Scholastic Bowl Schedule

January 11th – 4:30 @Lexington (vs. Lexington, Eureka, Ridgeview)

January 18th – 4:30 @Leroy (vs. Leroy & Blue Ridge)

January 25th – 4:30 @HOME (vs. Tri-Valley & Heyworth)

February 1st – 4:30 @Fisher (vs. Fisher & GCMS)

February 15th – 4:30 @HOME (vs. Flanagan-Cornell & Fieldcrest)

February 17th – Masonic T’mt (Time/Location TBD)

February 22nd – 4:30 @Eureka (vs. EPG & Dee-Mack)

February 24th – HOIC Varsity Tournament, 9:00 @Blue Ridge

March 5th – Regional T’mt (Time/Location TBD)